Summer School
11-13th September

Welcome to the second edition of the BiomedAI Summer School, where we continue our journey at the intersection of biomedical research, healthcare, ethics, and cutting-edge innovation.

Our mission remains steadfast: to bridge the realms of Biomedicine, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence while upholding the principles of ethical conduct and responsible innovation. As we navigate the landscape of AI applications in medicine and healthcare, we recognize the immense potential they hold for revolutionizing personalized medicine.

However, with great innovation comes great responsibility. It’s crucial that we tread carefully, mindful of the ethical, legal, and social implications inherent in the advancement of AI in these critical fields. Our focus extends beyond mere technological prowess; we aim to foster a culture of ethical consideration and regulatory compliance to safeguard human life and dignity.

The BiomedAI Summer School international initiative, serves as a nexus for interdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together scholars and professionals from philosophy, law, biomedical sciences, and technology. Through a blend of lectures and hands-on workshops, participants gain profound insights into the opportunities and challenges posed by AI in healthcare, while exploring the intricacies of Responsible Research Innovation (RRI).

This year, we’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with our esteemed local co-organizing partners: whatnext.law, and Nova School of Law in Lisbon, Portugal.

Our distinguished speakers hail from diverse backgrounds, including the European Parliament, EHDS, European and US Academia, enriching our discourse with invaluable perspectives.
While our support network evolves, we’re honored to welcome the endorsement of the World Health Organization (WHO), International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), European Public Law Organization and of BBMRI-ERIC, underscoring the global significance of our endeavors.

Join us as we embark on this transformative journey, guided by the principles of ethics, innovation, and collaboration. Together, let’s shape the future of healthcare in the age of AI.

Provide a strong foundation in AI applications in medicine and healthcare, their ethical concerns, ELSI in biomedical issues and RRI which are relevant to the different areas of scientific and clinical research.

Enhance researchers’ ability to conceptualize, analyse and solve research problems with increasing independence.

Furnish opportunities to interact with members of the international research community.

Significantly expand researchers’ understanding of theory and practice related to summer school topics.

Provide researchers with appropriate instruments to make effective research in the field of AI, ELSI in biomedicine, and RRI compliant with international standards.